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What are the main features of the electric spindle
What are the main features of the electric spindle

Electric spindle is a new technology that integrates machine tool spindle and spindle motor into one body in the field of CNC machine tools in recent years. The main drive system of the high-speed CNC machine tool cancels the pulley drive and gear drive. The main shaft of the machine tool is directly driven by the built-in motor, thus shortening the length of the main transmission chain of the machine tool to zero, realizing the "zero transmission" of the machine tool. This kind of transmission structure form of spindle motor and machine tool spindle "combined into one" makes the spindle component relatively independent from the transmission system and overall structure of the machine tool, so it can be made into a "spindle unit", commonly known as "electric spindle".

The main features of the electric spindle are as follows:

(1) The electric spindle system reduces key parts such as high-precision gears and eliminates gear transmission errors.

(2) Reduce the vibration of the main shaft, reduce the noise, and improve the rotation accuracy of the main shaft.

(3) With AC frequency conversion speed regulation and vector control, the output power is large, the speed regulation range is wide, and the power-torque characteristic is good.

(4) The mechanical structure is simple, the moment of inertia is small, and the quick response is good, and it can achieve high speed and acceleration and fast accurate stop at a fixed angle.

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