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What are the advantages of high-speed electric spindles?
What are the advantages of high-speed electric spindles?

High-speed electric spindles were first used for grinding machine tools, and gradually developed into machining center electric spindles and other machine tool spindles in various industries. The structure of a typical grinding electric spindle is shown in Figure 1. The traditional spindle is usually driven by transmission belts and gears. For transmission drive, the electric spindle drive is to directly install the asynchronous motor into the spindle, and directly drive the spindle to work through the driving power source to realize the zero transmission of the machine tool spindle system, forming a "direct drive spindle" to reduce the intermediate belt or gear machinery Transmission and other links have realized that the spindle unit of the machine and the motor is integrated. The electric spindle not only reduces the factors of slip, vibration and noise in the intermediate links, but also accelerates the rapid development of the spindle in the high-speed field, and becomes a high-speed cutting and high-speed machining. The best solution, with its advantages of high speed, high precision, high rigidity, low noise, low temperature rise, compact structure, easy balance, convenient installation, high transmission efficiency, etc., makes it widely used in ultra-high-speed cutting machine tools.


2.Front bearing group;

3.Stator parts;

4.Rotor parts;

5.Rear bearing groups;

6.Water inlet and outlet holes;

7.Oil inlet holes;

8.Terminal blocks;

9.Oil outlet holes


Advantages of high-speed electric spindle:

The high-speed electric spindle eliminates the intermediate speed change and transmission devices (such as gears, belts, couplings, etc.) that are driven by the motor to rotate the spindle. Therefore, the high-speed electric spindle has the following advantages:

(1) The main shaft is directly driven by a built-in motor, eliminating the need for intermediate transmission links. The mechanical structure is simple and compact, with low noise, small main shaft vibration, high rotation accuracy, rapid response and high mechanical efficiency.

(2) The electric spindle system reduces key parts such as high-precision gears, eliminates gear transmission errors, and runs more smoothly.

(3) Adopting AC variable frequency speed regulation and vector control technology, the output power is large, the speed regulation range is wide, the power-torque characteristic is good, and it can realize stepless speed regulation in the rated speed range to meet the needs of various loads and changes in work.

(4) It can realize precise spindle positioning, and realize high speed, acceleration and fixed angle fast and accurate stop, with good dynamic accuracy and stability, which can meet the needs of high-speed cutting and precision machining.

(5) The processing time is greatly shortened, only about 1/4 of the original.

(6) The quality of the processed surface is high, and there is no need for surface treatment processes such as grinding.

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