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Know The Different Functionalities of Spindle Motors
Know The Different Functionalities of Spindle Motors

CNC router spindle motor, 1.5 kw water cooled spindle, Water coolin spindle

Spindle motors are designed to have the small, high-output characteristics of servo motors yet offer high-speed rotation. These motors contribute to downsizing spindle size, like rotary tool spindles. It can help to achieve highest productivity and precision in a machine tool: It enables optimal performance and workpiece quality.The design of the motor is a stepper motor with a hollow shaft. These motors are specially designed to absorb axial forces.

The spindle motors are suitable for single and multi-spindle machine tool applications. High-peak-torque capability combined with low rotor inertia of a high-performance spindle motor enables higher acceleration rates to base speed. The spindle is the heart of the machine and it is used in all kind of precision machine tools. Spindle drives convert the power generated by the motor into feed velocity and feed force. The motor spindle is the rotating axis found on machine tools which holds the cutting tool.

CNC router spindle motor is widely used in CNC routers, edge trimming machines and other equipment. The spindles are brushless inductive inverter-controlled spindles on ceramic bearings with a tight engine compartment and absolutely with a metal. The high-speed grinding spindles with an integrated motor are suitable for manual tool change and are impressively effective. Spindle motors are designed to produce high torque and high speeds in compact. The spindle motor, also called the motor spindle, is an important component of many modern machine tools and industrial robots.

1.5 kw water cooled spindle comes with 24000 rpm high speed, ER11 collet, 0.56 Nm torque, works at 3 phase 220V 400Hz. It is a heavy duty router, and due to the water cooled system. The motor is comfortably capable of running for a long time without stopping. It has a heavy-duty 3 phase spindle suitable for working with wood, plastic, foam, carbon fibre and soft metals including aluminium.

Water cooling spindle motor series is widely used on CNC router machines from small CNC router like 6090 to big wood router like 2040 machine. Water cooled spindles are ideal for high speed carving on wood, stone , plastic and aluminium, brass and PCB drilling and stone carving machining. The spindle is using water circulation to cool the heat generated by the spindle rotating at high speed. The spindle water cooling pump is a type of submersible water pump, which is a necessary accessory for CNC router with water cooling spindle motor. The cooling spindle adopts water cycle to cooling the spindle, so the cooling effect is very good.

There are so many companies are available in the market place which offer wide range of spindle motors. You just need to select these companies careful and according to requirement as well. An experienced company provides the high reliability and performance your machine tool applications demand with a complete line of motor products to operate all machine tool. The company has
evolved high speed technology cultivated since its establishment so to meet various applications, like sub-spindle of machine.

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